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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  March 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. not much in the way of any rain yet, the wind has picked up but there is pretty good rain later on. plus we will fine tune the forecast for you. and the huge legal issue being discussed in court today, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning, it march 27th, i am dave clark. >> steve paulson is back, it is hard to get back from vacation
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but you are on it. >> yes, we do have a little system coming in, it is not very big at least not now very mild system, but later on we will start to see heavier rain in the east bay, here is sal. good morning, if you are driving in marin county it will be a little wet, windy and southbound 101 is moving well. san francisco, at least not very wet but boy, the wind will get your attention. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. in two hours more searches for missing teen sierra lemar are scheduled to begin. allie rasmus is in morgan hill again this morning at the school where everything will begin, allie? >> reporter: well, pam, there is a sign on the door here
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letting people know, letting volunteers know this is the place to come register at 8:00 if they want to help with the search for missing teen sierra lemar. it will be the headquarters for that volunteer search effort and sierra lemar was last seen when she left her morgan hill home. the goal is to find anything that could provide clues to sierra lemar's whereabouts. they are organizing this effort and they were founded by a man whose daughter was abducted from their home and murdered years ago. they serve many purposes, not only can they help with the investigation they also help with the community and with sierra lemar's family. >> by being able to organize everything, we give some relief to the family that things are
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being done on their behalf. >> this volunteer effort provides an extra resource for them. they will be working closely and they will step in to handle any potential evidence they find in their search. meanwhile they plan on their own investigation to search a two to three mile area, they will also conduct a second round of interviews with friends and classmates. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. police in concord issued an important warning in response to a disturbing incident. christian captain is joining us live with a recorded message that is being sent out to
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parents, chris -- chris attain? >> reporter: they have been advising people what is going on at eldorado dough and they are putting out the word for parents and children after a man tried to lure a pair of children into his car. they describe the man as a latino man who tried to lure 6th graders in his -- into his car. the girls said no and a school's resource teacher said it is important for parents to tell their children to be on alert. >> if a stranger bothers them on the way to school they should tell the administrator on the way to school and not wait until the afternoon. >> we have checked on the online buzz about this and they are relieved the girls did not get into that car. one parent saying, especially in light of the missing sierra
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lemar and that was a point they made, we are here to talk with them and about an hour ago i called concord police and they tell me eldorado dough police are in charge of this investigation and the school adds minute straighter should show up went an hour. we will follow up with this man who apparently tried during two six grade girls into his car. happening now the supreme court is getting ready to take up the key challenge to president barack obama's healthcare reform and whether the government can require people to buy health insurance. we want to take you there live in our nation's capital, coming up, our washington d.c. bureau from outside the supreme court which is supposed to be even bigger than yesterday.
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mitt romney will continue campaigning after spending the night here he will head over for a fun raider. doesn't first paid as much as $25,000 to a tend that event. the group wants somebody with a business background in the white house. >> he is not ronald reagan but he has ideas that are very strong. >> i think certainly here in northern california where he is doing his fundraising, odds are on favorite because we have more moderate republicans here. >> dozens of protesters showed up and they around how mitt romney support -- they argue mitt romney supports corporate greed. they are going to be at the alamo home of mark pine. rick santorum will also hold a campaign rally at the jelly
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belly factory and that rally gets underway at 4:00 and that one is open to the public. in overnight news, san francisco police are investigating a stabbing at the city's newest occupied camp. the stabbing victim it found overnight in the finance that'll district. the victim was stabbed in the next but is expected to be okay and the suspect is still on the loose this morning. another stabbing occurred at the encampment this passed sunday. new this morning, a strike in germany has led to hundreds of flight cans lakes. -- cancellations. they walked off the job over a pay distribute love tons disa, we checked in with fso and one flight to germany was canceled
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yesterday and it was an hour and 20 minutes late. they are set to resume tomorrow but again today, flights canceled. time now, 6:07 let's get people out the door. >> there could be some big delays at san francisco airport, today it is three hours, we just confirmed that, up to three hours, that does not mean after 10:00 a.m., thank you very much. as you can see i working in the newsroom, i guess it to you and that's how it works. good afternoon, as we look at the san mateo bridge, traffic is looking ghoul on interstate 880 but it is -- looking good on interstate 880 but i am wondering if fso has anything to do with the windy conditions. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are getting a little more of
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a backup as we get closer to 6:15 when they turn those metering lights on. >> thank you sir for the update, we have another good system coming in and we had to wait until spring to get things going in the rainy system. the first part is not doing too much, also some towards the east bay and the wind is really fired up. we'll see a little more of a break but the afternoon is right there and that comes in and that looks pretty good. your forecast, clouds may be a little sun, a few moments of sun as i like to say to pam, rain will be increasing along with the wind by later this afternoon in tomorrow, so it is kind of three pieces, a combination of wind and rain and we'll see more wind than anything else. this is our computer model forecast, still in the north
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bay and it hangs out there. santa cruz mountains will pick up the pace and that heavier rain comes in for that as the system goes to 10:00 or 11:00, a very mild system and i do it by mid-latitude so the snow level will be high and it has to sweep in tonight into tomorrow. winter storm warning is going until 5:00 tomorrow, cloudy rain, more likely heavier amounts later on very windy through most of the day. 60 for some, we could have mild conditions and rain tonight, tomorrow a bright thursday into saturday, another system sweeps in and a break on sunday, save,
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pam. overnight, there was just a powerful earthquake in northern japan, we will tell you what scientists are saying about a possible tsunami. new information on a french killer why he sent out video of his murders, why you will not see is any time soon. [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin...
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. we have new information on the deadly shooting spree in france. now the man police says carried out the shootings, mohammed recorded them from his point of view and sent the video to news media. french president nicolas sarkozy had asked the have i yes not be broadcast -- ask that the video -- asked that the video not be broadcast. he is accused of killing villagers. after shooting people in one village, he was seen by fellow troops they say bails snuck out again and headed to a second village. he was met by search party as he attempted to reenter the base a second time. can the federal government force to you buy health
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insurance. that is big issue, three days of arguments for the healthcare reform law. allison burns is outside and it seems like yesterday demonstrators supported the law, what is it like outside this morning? >> reporter: well the law's opponents must have gotten the message they were out voiced and they were here in force this morning. people against and for the health reform law are waiving signs in front of the supreme court steps arguments begin in less than an hour and while they are not supposed to consider public opinion, you can see emotions are running high but nobody thinks these arguments will -- arguments will escalate.
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>> they are taking a day off to join us. >> this is a day for women's health which covers no discrimination against women with insurance. >> reporter: congresswoman michele bachmann is leading a tea party here in about an hour and we will be here and have all of it for you in about an hour. allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are still following overnight news we first told you about at 4:30 this morning. a powerful earthquake rocked northern japan just a few hours ago and the magnitude, 6.4. they say there will be some small changes in sea levels but there is no risk of a tsunami. it was the same region that was devastated by the earthquake and tsunami and so far this morning there is no word of any damage in this morning's quake. time now back here at home,
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a preliminary hearing nor a man who is accused of a shooting with highway patrol officers. he is charged with four counts of attempted murder of a peace officer. chp officers pull under him over in oakland back in -- pulled him over in july 20th 10 and a gun battle broke out. williams was on his way to san francisco planning to kill people at the aclu and tides foundation. a body may have been trapped in a submerged car for nearly two years. in merced county, the water reseeded enough to see the car. they say it has been missing since 2010. sheriff's deputies have been able to pull up the car and so far no word on the identity of
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that person. back on march 14th, tad voted to close the door to make way for a charter school but just before the vote wakefield admitted placing his children's names on the list of that school. this could be a conflict of interest -- a violation of conflict of interest rules. the new ordinance will set nuisance standards for businesses and other bars that would serve alcohol. it would hold businesses responsible for repeated drunkenness. city planners will take up the measure thursday night. sal is watching 880 and the whole commute, how is it looking? >> it is okay so far. i don't want to say it is great because you will see some wet weather out there and again you are expecting some air delays which are more than three hours reported by the duty manager.
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some sites reported as much as four hours but we spoke to the duty manager and he said it was just about three, so you know i would say give yourself extra time and check if you have somebody coming in. let's go to the live pictures. let's go to 880 southbound and the heavy winds do cause problems for cars and offly cause -- obviously causing problems and this is a look at the san mateo bridge, that traffic looks good out to the high-rise. pittsburgh bay point, the slowest point, it still looks good from the bridge and 880 to richmond. we want to check out livermore valley and so far so good from livermore to dublinton and pleasanton. >> we touched on the gusts over 40 and gusts over some higher
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elevations. i will show you some totals here in a second. this is two pieces right now over us and that's light rain, maybe steady rain towards the north bay and there is a little bit of a break until that system comes in late this afternoon. mendocino counties, ukiah two- thirds, our oberon said steady rain and lake county and they picked up .20, we are getting there on south bay if anything has been really light. north bay is showing us it will stack up with some pretty decent totals and 40s and 50s on the temperatures but the wind is the mild system. we have the light rain here this morning and it looks like a steady day of rain and cooler temperatures in the north bay. until this right there swings in, in to wednesday morning. cloudy, winzy for all, mild temperatures and mid-60s with a
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strong southeast wind. i would not be surprised if that rain holds off until later and i think it will for them. into wednesday morning, late system friday into saturday and it looks like sunday will be the best day of the weekend, pam, dave? the rising cost of gasoline will likely change vacation plans and if fuel prices continue to rise they could change their plans. 44% say they will take trips if gas prices continue to spiral upward. even if gas prices go up more than a dollar they will not change vacation plans at all. it is an average of $100 a year. americans spend an average of $469 a month for interest on car loans and credit cards. now that compares to $728 just
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five years ago. economists say it leaves americans to spend more which is hoping to stimulate the economy. >> you can still have control with your personal information online. they are designed to have privacy protection provided do not track features and web browsers and also tell you what is being collected about you and why. why they don't do this, congress may soon create a do not track law. 22 minutes after 6:00, a dramatic rescue off the southern coast of california, how a gray whale was freed from 50 feet of netting. >> i can't imagine really what they are going through. local college athlete suddenly dies, the mystery surrounding the death of a
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student from sanford. [ female announcer ] here in california, our schools need help.
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and find out how your school would benefit. . good morning highway 4 traffic looks pretty good before you get to antioch and then you will see a little more slowed traffic is bay point. nasa launched five rockets
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as part of the study of the jetstream. this is new video of the rockets blasting off one at a time. now they are going to circle about 65 miles above the earth and release a chemical tracer to form white clouds. scientists will use those clouds to see where the jetstream winds go. they may have been biting their nails after a scary incident. a car crashed through the entire length of the salon. take a look, you can see all the way into the store. this picture is from the livermore fire department from the elite nail salon and unfortunately the crash happened early sunday morning and nobody was hurt. good morning the stanford campus is in morning for a week long fight for a student who lost the fight. she died sunday at stamford hospital. she played on the volleyball
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team and the coach said it is a tragedy her life ended so soon. >> she was somebody i think was looking to find exactly what she wanted to study and there are a lot of things that appealed to her. she was a wonderful writer. >> as for the cause of her death, she would only say she had a medical emergency on st. patrick's day. the won't's basketball team is heading to denver and the final four. the cardinal defeated dukes, thanks to mecca, she scored 9 rebounds and this will be stamford's final four appearance and they will face the top four in bailer and they are looking for their first national title in years. a gray whale was caught in
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50 feet of netting. whale watching ships spotted the whale and the crew tied a buoy and monitored it overnight. on saturday they were able to cut the netting and free the whale. time now 6:27 two stabbings in two days, the steps occupied protesters are taking after violence hit their camps in san francisco. and this elementary school becomes the headquarters for a week long volunteer search effort. we will tell you how people planning on getting involved plan to help with the search for sierra lemar. okay, people, let's get started.
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. locals, they are visiting the nasdaq exchange, that is as
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technical pharmaceuticals, they working on leukemia what which is one of the things they do, it looks like a mixed day. the lower part of the screen shows the dow jones industrial average is up, keep watching. it is tuesday, march 27th, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, time now 6:30. >> a new search will begin for missing teen sierra lemar. allie rasmus is in morgan hill to tell us where you want to go if you can help with the effort to find her, allie? there is a big sign on the door with sierra lemar's name on it and volunteers know if they want to help with the search foresee sierra lemar, -- for sierra lemar, this is the place to come. the teen was last seen on march
6:32 am
16th when she left to come to school. she never arrived and since then the fbi have been dealing with her disappearance. now they are looking for clues. the volunteerest starts at 8:00. -- volunteer effort starts at 8:00 and her family is thankful for the support. >> i can't stress how important it is to make this search possible for sierra lemar to come back to us as soon as possible. everything matters. >> we can take some of the burden off law enforcement as far as the ground search does and basically having conversations with the family and letting them understand whatever the outcome is, they will be able to put their lives together and move forward.
6:33 am
his daughter was murdered merely 20 years ago. also michael lay helped to find the missing remains of his missing sister last year. the sheriff's spokesperson says the volunteer effort helps to provide the extra resource but the sheriff's office will be going through a two to three mile radius near sierra lemar's home a second time and they plan on doing a second round of interviews with sierra lemar friends and classmates. san francisco police are searching for the man who stabbed another man in the next. tara moriarty is in the city this morning where it all happened at the city's newest occupied camp, tara? >> reporter: well this occupied encampment is pretty small despite the challenges and some of those include the homeless
6:34 am
alcoholics and drug addictions. a man was rushed to the hospital after getting into a scuffle with a man who was not a protester. the suspect stabbed him in the arm and ran off. >> it has not been safe since we down there but that's part of occupied. >> what we have seen in the past two weeks, one the san francisco police department sort of garden variety harassment sort of died down, a bunch of mentally ill people started coming into the camp. >> the first stabbing occurred when a 28-year-old man was stabbed in the chest. he is expected to survive. now the suspect in that stabbing ran off. he is described as a 20 to 28- year-old white man. he was last seen wearing dark
6:35 am
framed glasses. and the suspect is a 30-to-40- year-old white man with a thin build. occupiers will now walk in pairs and they are getting one person to volunteer to watch over the rest of the group while they sleep in shifts. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is now 6:34 we are finding out more about the man accused of last week's brutal murder in san francisco. officials say the 35-year-old ben thai luck was jailed in san quentin for robbery and assault. a judge ordered his immediate deportation after he finished his prison term in 2006. however the native sheet number ordered him to be set free. >> the courts said at some point this has to end, it's not right to hold all of these
6:36 am
people for extend period of time. >> luck is the only suspect arrested so far in the five killings inside a home near san francisco city college on friday. the killer or killers may have been trying to collect on a gambling debt. last night co-workers of the five victims all gathered outside and the victims are a couple in the 60s. they are all victims of a horrifying attack involving an unsped paid to wedged weapon. -- unspecified wedged weapon. we will bring you all the latest information on air and on line. president barack obama is flying back to washington after attending a two day nuclear summit. leaders in more than 50 countries discussed ways to keep nuclear weapons out of the
6:37 am
hands of terrorists. before leaving president barack obama explained a comment that was made as he met with russia's president. he was overheard saying he would have more flexibility after the november presidential election. >> what i said ben, i think is something everybody in this room understands. arms control is he can regard naturally -- extraordinarily complex and the only way it gets done is if you can consult and build a strong basis of understanding, both between countries as well as within countries. >> now earlier today, president barack obama play fully covered his microphone with his hand before greeting the president. the man who shot trayvon martin in florida said he did it in self-defense. he insists trayvon martin
6:38 am
bunched him before that shooting. we will let you hear from the controversial law and why he believes the law does not apply to george zimmerman. today they will vote on a scaled back plan for the america's cup race. now the revised race will call for the investing of renovating aged peers. they are investing more than $110 million in infrastructure upgrades in exchange for long- term development rights. time now 6:38 let's go to sal and see what is happening on the roads, sal? this morning's commute will be okay but it is going to be windy out there. i would like you to look at 101, san francisco, we started 4:30 and the wind has not let up about two hours ago. it is still very windy although
6:39 am
the traffic has not become busier although it may be affecting flights and delays of more than three hours reported by the duty manager at fso check with your airline. this is a look now, it is backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay before you actually make it onto the bridge. this morning's drive is okay between livermore and caster valley and it is getting more crowded and if you are driving on highway 4, slowed traffic in antioch, let's go to steve. the wind is a bigger story and unless there is steady rain we will show you in a second. some will arrive much later than sooner. snow level goes right there. we may get a little bit of a break until this system arrives. focusing on lake county,
6:40 am
sonoma, napa and parts of the east bay, not much on parts of the south bay and it is starting to stack up, not too bad, santa rosa picked up a third of an inch and there is a lot of locations already over an inch of rain. it looks like over the next three days, it will take a third of this. livermore has picked up 2 / 10th, the seasonal rainfall, while we have had rain over the last two weeks we were so far behind. 59% for santa rosa and only 3 5% for other areas. south bay southern end of the peninsular has not had much rain even though we had some recently and there will be some over the next couple of days. you can see temperatures in the 50s and this is not a cold system as it moves into the
6:41 am
sierra nevada but it will start to get a warning and that will give us more in the way of rain. cloudy for everybody lighter south with windy conditions. temperatures with maybe a few upper 60s. next friday into saturday it looks like things will be okay into sunday, dave, pam? a santa cruz woman buried by an avalanche lives to tell about it. >> it is burying several people. >> the new 911 tapes just released following that tragic incident. we will tell you what school district is on alert after a man tries to lure two 6th grade girls into his car.
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the south bay looks good, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned. [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin...
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. today the u.s. supreme court takes up the challenge in the president barack obama healthcare overhaul. look at these live pictures, this is right outside the
6:45 am
supreme court, a lot of people, a lot of signs. now today the justices will be hearing arguments on whether the government can force people to have health insurance. we will be checking. meanwhile they are investigating another stabbing at the newest occupied encampment. it happened on market street. a man was stabbed in the next, that man right there after an argument. he is expected to be okay. and in just an hour from now, new searches will begin for missing teen sierra lemar. sheriff's deputies will search an area directly around sierra lemar's home. class kids are bringing in search experts as well and volunteers and they will search a wider area. police in concord has issued a scary warning in response to a disextinguishing incident. chris attain joins us with the
6:46 am
recorded message going out to parents, here is more. >> reporter: just about five minutes ago i spoke with the school's custodian and she had not even heard about this incident, notification went out about this at 6:45 last night. it is a local news website which is reporting about this incident which took place as a couple of students tried to make their way to he will door ray -- he had read dough school. a man tried -- eldorado school. the principal sent out this message to parents at about 6:45 yesterday evening. >> this afternoon, two 6th grade girls notified administrators that a latino male in a black car stopped them on the way to school this morning and asked them to get into his vehicle. >> that recorded message goes on to say that the girls did
6:47 am
say no and notified administrators at the middle school. they met with the girls and they are investigating the incident but the principal goes on to say that it's important for parents to tell their children to be on the alert. if a stranger bothers them on the way to school, they should tell administration immediately upon arriving at school and do not wait until the afternoon. >> again we told you we met with that custodian and school staff is just arriving. we are waiting for a school principal and a school's resource officer to arrive. i called them at about 5:00 this morning and that resource officer is in charge of this investigation and we are waiting for that officer to arrive to find out the latest and again this man tried to attempt two 6th grade girls into his car. we will continue to follow the
6:48 am
latest details, and for now we are live christian captain channel 2 news. we are waiting to here the 911 calls, it is a disaster a santa cruz woman lived to tell about. >> we have a major avalanche and we have three or four people missing at least. major slides came through spanning several people. >> now a lease was among several people skiing at steven's pass in washington last month when this avalanche hit. three men died. she later told them the avalanche buried her except for her ahead and hands -- her head and hands and she credits a safety airbag for saving her life. trayvon martin's parents are set to attend a racial hearing and they are demanding the arrest of george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch man who
6:49 am
shot martin. george zimmerman said he shot in self-defense under the stand your ground law. but it's being misused in this case. >> this says nothing about vigilante type laws, it says nothing about following anyone or premedicated laws about carrying a gun when you are following anyone. >> police have not charged or arrested george zimmerman saying they have no evidence to dispute the claims. sal is back, how are we looking out there, sal? >> it looks moderate, good morning, pam, dave, it has been raining and remember your headlights have to be on when your wipers are on. even during the daytime of course. it will be slow, here comes bart through this picture bart
6:50 am
is running on time. bart is passing all the cars on the freeway. let's move along and take a look at the commute here, bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for a 15 to 20 minute delay and it is not bad if you are driving on antioch highway 4 but 680, notice it is not too bad between walnut creek and it is monitored between richmond and personnel. >> a -- and pinole. we will have some totals for you in mendocino county and we have some core systems and cloudy windy with rain further north, better opportunity for measurable amounts, winds are around noon but by 4:00 rain
6:51 am
will be increasing and this will be a very windy day. there is not a lot here but so far most of it seems to be wanting to hang out towards the north bay, your timeline is right there. rain in the north bay continues and it will finally start to move in early afternoon around the coast and for everyone else by this afternoon and will continue tonight. this system will linger all the way to wednesday morning and what we are seeing now is the leading edge of it and it will start to come in, into tomorrow. starting in fort brag, ukiah is having steady rain, livermore .2 and send lean in had 2 / 10th as well. it is called a west east zonenal flow and that holds a lot more moisture in that system developing. some of the totals projected,
6:52 am
the heaviest alternate, i think they will be more than that in the north bay. winter storm warning out but not until 6:00. cloudy for everybody, rain increasing also towards the santa cruz mountains with mid- to-upper 60s for others, a break thursday, next system friday night saturday and it looks like a break on sunday, dave, pam? thank you steve. u.s. home prices continue to fall. the report for january shows home prices hit a 10 year low and were basically flat when adjusted for season. the steepest declines in atlanta, prices launched upwards in atlanta and washington d.c. checking in on the numbers, numbers were up
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. 3:55 a young man fighting for his life, the young driver crashed into two parked cars after being wounded. he is in critical condition at hyland hospital and police are still searching for suspects. a fish merman heard a -- a fisherman heard a gun fire and realized he had been shot. the shots had been fired from a quarter mile away at the vista housing complex on california street. nobody at that location was hurt but the fisherman suffered a grazed wound to his hand. and the commission has proposed using the area near the iron horse trail but the contra coster reports something
6:57 am
about the site's proximity and tonight's 7:30 meeting, no action will be taken. tonight, the third largest is up for grabs with nobody winning since january, they are now up for $63 million and of course that number goes up again. the odds of hitting that jackpot, guess what, experts say you have a better chance of winning if you picture own numbers. sal, what is happening out there? >> well it will be slow on 237, we will be slow crossing 280, we already have that slow down and you can see traffic is going to be busy. also in south bay 101, approaching the 280 interchange, it looks good there, let's go to steve. when this system arrives, a cloudy windy day, temperatures
6:58 am
50s and 60s, and that rain looks to be steady in the north baez specially by the santa cruz mountains by this evening. coming up on mornings on 2, a new search for a missing teen gets underway and in one hour you will see the people leading this massive volunteer effort. a stabbing in downtown san francisco, what is the connection between the occupied movement state right here with us. -- stay right here with us.
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